St. Francis Xavier's Alumni Association (Vancouver)

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Welcome to Vancouver

For all of you who have never been to Vancouver, the above photographs that were taken on a sunny day in February 2001 will convince you that we are the lucky few who live in the best city in North America.  Vancouver is situated on the south west corner of this Beautiful British Columbia.  We have LITTLE POLLUTION, CLEAN WATER, MILD TEMPERATURE, BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAINS AND OCEAN and FRIENDLY PEOPLE all around us.

In the meantime, we are constantly seeking volunteers to help plan alumni activities and keeping the association going.  If you are young at heart and have lots of energy, please contact Jobic Yeung at   for further detail.


On October 24, 1992 there was a meeting at Magnum Restaurant owned by alumnus, Barry Joe (K58) in Vancouver.  The meeting was organized by two former students, Peter H.S. Tse (K57) and Rick de Guzman (K57) who were trying to establish an alumni association.  At the meeting, there were about 15 alumni attending and most of them (Portuguese students) left SFX in the late fifties and early sixties.  Many of them talked about the good old days at SFX and the wild memories they had with Bruce Lee.  Before the meeting was over, everyone exchanged their contact information and that was the end of it. It was discovered later on that Peter Tse has moved back to Hong Kong and Rick de Guzman was too busy running his own business. 

In summer 1994, Rev. Bro. Bosco Wei came to Vancouver during his retirement holiday to visit Kenneth Y.K. Ng, one of his former Tsuen Wan students.  He was wondering why Vancouver did not have a SFX alumni association because there were many former students who came here for their post-secondary education.  So, Kenneth Ng took up the challenge and organized a newspaper campaign to see if he could attract enough alumni to form this association.  On its first meeting on October 9, 1994 at Kenneth Ng’s house, 20 alumni from both schools attended and the association was formed.  During that time, Kenneth Y.K. Ng (T73) was voted to be the President, Frank F.Y. Lam (K60) to be the Vice-President, Fred Y.M. Ling (K77) to be the Treasurer and Jobic C.H. Yeung (K72) to be the Secretary.  Four alumni agreed to be the non-commission members and they were Franklin S.H. Po (K65), David S.H. Li (K84), Henry K.F. Ip (T72) and Frederick K.H. Chan (K71).  Our inaugural dinner was held on December 11, 1994 at Pink Pearl Restaurant in Vancouver.  Rev. Bro. Bosco Wei returned to Vancouver for the function and he was the Master of Ceremony that night.  It was a fun filled night and lots of door prizes were giving out.