St. Francis Xavier's Alumni Association (Toronto)


Thank you for visiting the Toronto Alumni Site.  We would like to extend our warm welcome and our best regards to you.  We hope you can share our brotherhood from oversea united by faith, spirit and love.  We are actively seeking new members who live in Toronto and its neighboring areas.  Please spread the word…  We also like to hear from you and appreciate your feedback.  Please write to us.


The Toronto Chapter consists of over 200 members from SFX Kowloon, SFX Tsuen Wan and a number of ex-teachers from both schools, with most members living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  The Committee Members are elected in the Annual General Meeting generally held in April of each year.  The office of the President is elected for a two-year term.


Director (President)
Henry Chance
Director (Honorary Chairman)
Raymond Kwok
Director (Treasurer)
Sam Kung
Director (Secretary) Bill Chow
Joseph Leung
Philip Chan
Sam Mak


We have over 200 members who live in the Greater Toronto Area.  Currently the Toronto Chapter only collects $10 membership fees annually.

Our members included former students from SFX Shanghai (one so far), SFX Kowloon, SFX Tsuen Wan and a few teachers.  The names of the ex-teachers are as follows:

Mr. Au Yeung, Po Wai Mr. Chan, Francis TK
Mr. Ho, Francis Hong Wei Mr. Mui (Physical Education Teacher)
Mr. Yiu, Sheung Fai  

Contact Information

You may contact any of the Committee members either by phone or e-mail.  If you require further assistance, please try

Raymond Kwok    416-293-1895(H)
Philip Chan 905-305-7311(H)


There are two to three major functions each year besides the monthly or bi-monthly committee meetings, The major activities are:

  1. Annual General meeting – this is an annual event where the current year’s committee members are elected. We usually have this meeting around April or May of each year.

  2. Annual Valentine Ball – this is one of the major events in Toronto where a group of Catholic schools get together and celebrate Valentine’s Day and building friendship.  SFX is one of 10 schools that participated for the last 15 years. Attendance for the ball boasts anywhere from 1000 to 1200.  SFX dropped out in year 2003 and rejoined in 2004

  3. In 2004, we hold a few successful Dinner Seminars.  The topics vary from Estate Planning to Mutual Fund, from Windows & Doors to Strawboard .  A local restaurant with good food is usually very well received by our Members.

Members are encouraged to participate with their families.  What better way is there to spend a day or a dinner with old friends and talk about the good old nostalgic days.

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