St. Francis Xavier's Alumni Association (Australia)

Welcome to a brief introduction of the SFX Boys in 'Down Under'.


In 1993, through a small group of ex-students in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, a nationwide reunion of SFX boys from Hong Kong was initiated.  Responses to newspaper ads were encouraging.  Within a short period of time, 33 members were recruited. The couple of contacting members in each state serve as network leaders.  Through them, our first activity was brought to its fruition.  We believe we had set a record in the SFXHK history.

In 1994, we invited Bro. Bosco and Bro. Joseph to visit Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with costs fully contributed by the 33 members.  The visit was, certainly, a very memorable one for the Brothers as well as the ex-students (Photos will be forthcoming). Activities, since then, have been on regional basis.

Our Aims are:

- to carry on the SFX spirit amongst ex-students;
- to assist SFX boys and their families in settling down in Australia;
- to keep link with SFX Boys overseas.


Sydney:       Tang Wing Hon (K-59)   Tel  (Home) 02-9629 2020
                    Fung Kwok Chiu (T-67)  Tel  02-9586-0333 e-mail:

Melbourne:  Frank Lau Kai Kwan (T-67)            Tel   (H) 03-9857-5172   (C) 0400993311
                      Richard Chan (K-73)       Tel  (H) 03-98401271
                                                                   (W) 03-9272 2833

Brisbane:     Francis Wong Ping Kan (T-75)        Tel   (H) 07-3844-4765  (C) 0412198498
                     Raymond Wong (K-83)   Tel   (H) 07-3397 3647
                                                                   (W) 07-3775870

We welcome contacts from our overseas brothers.

In our OZ saying: G'day mate, there are no worries here. See ya later!

Frank Lau

(This page is reserved for our SFX Boys in Australia, New Zealand and thereabout.  Please send web contents to Frank Lau)